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Message from the Director  

Having worked on ‘the other side’, so to speak, spending eighteen years working for corporate companies, I am well aware that the standard of any translation must be faultless. Now in our 32nd year, Tongue Tied Ltd has therefore always strived to deliver work of such a standard.

The company has grown, expanding to three offices across the UK, a technical translation agency, and an office in Jersey Channel Islands. Now with over 1000 worldwide clients, including many notable companies, we have the resources to complete any form of translation; our 1000+ translators each specialise in individual market sectors, guaranteeing you quality of service. 

Our services are maintained and driven by a dedicated group of individuals including Directors, a Financial Controller, I.T. Manager, and senior project managers, who work as a tight-knit team to deliver language-based solutions to end users.

If you have any queries regarding our services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

John Shouler – Director

Management Team

John Shouler
Managing Director and Co-Founder

As Managing Director and Co-Founder, John has been with Tongue-Tied since its inception 32 years ago. Prior to the beginning of Tongue-Tied, John spent more than 20 years in the IT industry to great success, most notably holding the position of Senior Manager with Motorola. These skills, along with his passion and determination, have helped grow Tongue-Tied into the international success that it is today. A little-known fact about John is that he played football for a well known London club in the seventies, and when playing against an African national side, he met his future wife Cindy (an air hostess at the time).   

Cindy Shouler

As fellow Co-Founder of Tongue-Tied, Cindy has also been with the company since the very beginning 32 years ago. Though she originally trained to become a teacher, Cindy’s desire to travel spurred her on to join a national airline company as cabin staff, where she would eventually ascend to the position of Company Service Director. It was while jet-setting across the world that Cindy had the initial thought for starting Tongue-Tied; an idea that grew from her love of languages and travel. Now Chairman of the company, Cindy still impresses all with her linguistic skills and in addition to English is also fluent in French, Spanish, and Portuguese.  

Amie Shouler
HR Manager and Senior Project Manager

Holding the position of HR Manager and Senior Project Manager, Amie has been an integral part of the Tongue-Tied team since she was only 18. During the course of her 8 years with the company, she has also completed a Master’s Degree in Anthropology (cultural studies) from Sussex University, for which she was awarded Distinction. A little-known fact is that Amie, as a woman of many talents, is also a gifted singer and well-trained in Musical Theatre.  

Sarah Murphy
Sales and Project Manager

Our Sales and Project Manager, Sarah, has been a part of Tongue-Tied management for 2 years. She has extensive experience in Project Management and Event Management, which she honed further during her time living abroad in Canada. In addition to her management skills, Sarah is also a talented Musician who has worked professionally in the industry for 8 years. Something little known about Sarah is the 3 years she spent playing piano internationally aboard cruise ships, much to the delight of guests on board.  

Andrew Winterbottom
IT Manager and Senior Project Manager.

Andrew Winterbottom has been with us for 14 years and holds the titles of IT Manager and Senior Project Manager. Since he joined Tongue-Tied in the mid-2000s, Andrew has made numerous improvements to our IT systems, including designing Tongue-Tied’s internal applications to be completely customised to our needs. In addition to his background in computer programming and software design, Andrew is also a gifted musician. A skilled guitar, drums, and piano player, he has famously quoted his ability to ‘star in his own one-man band’. 

Neil Whines

Neil Whines is our Accountant at Tongue-Tied, and has been with us for 16 years. As a Chartered Accountant, he has worked in a wide variety of large public to small private companies and charities over the years. In recent years, this has been on a part-time basis with a number of smaller companies, including Tongue-Tied. When not accounting, Neil helps his wife to manage her small flock of sheep and holds the position of ‘Assistant Shepherd’. Their guardianship over the sheep, especially during lambing time, keeps Neil well and truly on his toes.  

Other Team Members

In addition, we have a team of 10 professional & approachable Project Managers, based in the UK and Jersey.  

Our mission

Tongue Tied Ltd.’s consistent growth owes to our continued commitment in placing the client’s specific needs at the epicentre of our work. We adapt and problem-solve to ensure projects are delivered without a hitch. Despite a persistently increasing client list, our personal approach to your project remains key to effective communication and long-term collaboration. 

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If you have any queries regarding a translation, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Tongue Tied Ltd, a professional translation company of more than 30 years, is accredited by The Department of Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform as well as the Association of Translation Companies (ATC).
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