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Single-source supply – we can translate, typeset, all the way through to print.

Document Translation

Translation for Business

Marketing, product & packaging, websites, brochures, customer and staff communication, training materials, books.

Medical Translation

Second opinion medical reports, private medical insurance documents, patient forms, pharmaceutical documentation, and IFU’s.

Certified Translations

Our translation work has been used across many industries including legal, finance, publishing, travel, energy, councils, hospitals.


The proofreading is completed by a separate linguist, all of which are approved by the ISO 17100:2015 quality assurance standard.

Financial Translation

Contracts, mortgage papers, credit reports, loan documents.

Legal Translations

Contracts, deeds, statements, reports, affidavits, certificates – we can also arrange for notarisation and apostille certificates via our solicitor.

Technical Translation

Instructions for Use (IFU’s), operating/user manuals, architectural, guides, technical data sheets and calculations.

Insurance Translation

Accident/claims forms, policies.

Tongue Tied has been offering Document translation services for over 30 years, through a network of over 1,000 vetted professional translators who are highly qualified in their specialised field into over 185 languages. For us to ensure high-quality translations, Tongue Tied’s translation management process is certified according to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 17100:2015 standards. Our document translation services are used across numerous industries.

Trados Translation Memory
Computer Assisted Translation

Trados is a CAT tool (Computer Assisted Translation). It is the market leading CAT tool, used by most professional, freelance translators (it is not to be confused with machine translation, something Tongue Tied never use). Translators use it to make their work easier, more efficient, and higher quality for many reasons, including text isolation and quality control.

With Trados, we can identify repetition within the text, and since it is much easier for translators to work with, this equates to cost savings to clients for work where Trados is heavily involved.

Trados also gives us (Tongue Tied) the ability to match and re-use previously translated text and language repetition – this is called a Translation Memory (TM). It stores a database of ‘segments’, which can be sentences, paragraphs, or sentence-like units that have previously been translated in order to aid our translators. The Translation Memory stores the source text and its corresponding translation in language pairs. The translator and your project manager will use this tool to manage glossaries, abbreviations, and specific terminology to ensure all translations are consistent with materials that have already been translated.

This also means we would not need to re-translate duplicated content, allowing further cost savings. 


In person Interpreting

In the same way as for our translations, Tongue Tied has a large base of interpreters who can cater for almost any language and work in any environment, be it a business meeting or a conference.

Online or Telephone Interpreting

Often companies will need to talk to overseas clients or receive calls from buyers/clients who do not speak English. Tongue Tied offers a unique service of telephone interpreting, to and from every language, to resolve this common dilemma.

Conference Interpreting

Tongue Tied has the facility to provide you with a bilingual speaker in nearly every language. We will cater to the timescale you define; a day, a week, a month - the choice is yours.

Interpreting Equipment

We can also provide interpreting equipment for conferences: Headsets, receivers, microphones, high-quality headphones, internal lighting, extract ventilation fans, soundproof booths, transmission units, control units, digital infrared receivers with language channel selection switch. The equipment detailed above would be hired, transported, installed, and operated for the duration of the event by our on-site technicians.

Desktop Publishing (DTP)

Here at Tongue-Tied, we pride ourselves on being a ‘single source supply’ for all your translation needs. For this reason, we also offer typesetting of your document post-translation to ensure that we deliver it back to you in the same format and design as you provided it to us in. We understand that translation can disrupt the layout of your document, and for this reason we have a team of professionals at hand to help. Our DTP team can work with a huge range of file formats and are expert at seamlessly inserting your translation into your document without compromising its aesthetics.

The following are examples of just some of the file formats we work with on a regular basis:

InDesign | Framemaker | Adobe Illustrator | MS Office Suite | Publisher | AutoCAD   


In addition to translation and typesetting, Tongue Tied are also able to offer a complete 360-degree package, where clients can professionally send their documentation to print.

The volume of print is entirely tailored to your needs, with no minimum or maximum threshold. Clients are also able to provide final approval of PDFs prior to sending them to print, to ensure client satisfaction.

If printing is required, we will simply need your print specification sent over to us for a hassle-free quote.

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Tongue Tied Ltd, a professional translation company of more than 30 years, is accredited by The Department of Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform as well as the Association of Translation Companies (ATC).
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